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Mw 5.9 : 20/10/2005 21:40 GMT

Mw 5.9 : 17/10/2005 09:47 GMT

Mw 5.6 : 17/10/2005 05:45 GMT



The first quake struck at 8.45am (05:45 GMT) on Monday 17/05/2005 and was centred in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Izmir. It caused minor damage but no injuries.
The second quake, which struck at 12.45pm (09:45 GMT), caused further damage, smashing windows, witnesses said.
The first earthquake collapsed the walls of some houses, shattered windows in the town of Urla, just west of Izmir, and caused cracks in some buildings in the town centre.
Governor Oguz Kagan Koksal said there were no immediate reports of injuries and the authorities were evaluating the damage across the province.


The third shock (Mw 5.9 20/10 21:40 GMT) has been felt in Athens and Istanbul but not in Thessaloniki.