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The EMSC is supported by a range of organizations that nurture and advance our commitment to serve both the public and the seismology community by making earthquake information rapid, accessible, and reliable. The EMSC welcomes partnership opportunities merging your company’s competencies and resources with our goals and expertise to continuously find innovative solutions to create an earthquake-resilient society. Learn more about our mission and vision and get in touch with us to discuss about a potential partnership.

Current partners

The SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science supports scientific research and the dissemination of risk-related knowledge. SCOR is at the cutting edge of risk expertise and research through its vast network of academic institutions. Their projects (covering, e.g., climate risks, natural risks, risk modeling) are primarily concerned with society and people with the aim to limit human casualties and injuries as much as possible. Score Logo
The Ministry of the Ecological Transition (MET) develops and implements government policy in all areas related to ecology, energy transition and biodiversity protection. Within the framework of its public policy objectives, the MET supports awareness, prevention, and reduction of seismic and tsunami hazards towards the populations affected by earthquakes. Ministere Logo
GeoSIG is among the world leaders in design and manufacture of high quality, precision seismic instruments for earthquake monitoring. Their mission is to make our world safer from both the natural risks and the man-induced hazards. GeoSIG is involved with major scientific and academic institutions around the world to support research and development in seismology, geophysics, and civil engineering. Geosig Logo
Digital Element provides global geolocation data and services that support online initiatives (e.g, desktop and mobile devices). They deliver real-time access to accurate and reliable location data and work for websites, security companies, and social media platforms to support them in advertising, localizing content, enhancing analytics, as well as detecting and preventing fraud. Digitalelement Logo